How Many Types of Android App

Android apps can be categorized in various ways based on their functionality, purpose, or user experience. Here are some common types of Android apps shows:

Native Apps: 

These apps are developed specifically for the Single platform using languages like Java or Kotlin and the official Android development tools. They offer the best performance and access to the full range of device features.

Example: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

Hybrid Apps: 

Hybrid apps are a type of mobile application that combines elements of both native apps and web apps. They are built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are then wrapped in a native container that allows them to be distributed through app stores and accessed like traditional apps.

Example: Evernote, Tinder

Web Apps: 

Web apps are essentially websites designed to work on mobile browsers. They are accessed through a browser and don't require installation from an app store. They may offer a limited set of features compared to native apps.

Example: Google Docs, Twitter, Netflix